Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin Change Log

* Tweak: After clearing the cache for a hashtag feed, the plugin will now also try to get older posts for that feed using a different API method.
* Tweak: Removed sorting by “likes” for hashtag feeds as sorting by likes is unreliable for this feed type due to limitations of the Instagram API.
* Tweak: You can now have up to 10 columns for feeds displayed on mobile devices.
* Fix: Switching the source for a feed would sometimes result in posts from the previous source being added to the feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where our Social Wall plugin was not showing all available Instagram sources.
* Fix: Pagination for showing more than 20 feeds was not displaying on the “All Feeds” page.
* Fix: An error would not display if a connected business account had reached the 30 day limit for new hashtag feeds.
* Fix: Backup method of retrieving video thumbnails was not working in all circumstances.
* Fix: Dashboard notices were displaying when customizing a feed.
* Fix: Added support for the shortcode “mediavine=true” to trigger our Media Vine integration features.

* Tweak: Updated our logo throughout the plugin to match our new website.
* Tweak: Changed how the hover color for follow and load more buttons is applied to prevent theme conflicts.
* Fix: Fixed Instagram Feed JavaScript file missing from the page when using the “AJAX theme loading fix” setting causing blank images to display.
* Fix: Fixed JavaScript file not being added to the page when using the plugin GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee.
* Fix: Some custom tables were not being created for specific versions of MySQL.
* Fix: Custom HTML templates were not applying to new feeds.
* Fix: Added back the ability to use up to 10 columns in feeds for desktop and tablet devices.
* Fix: Fixed the error message not displaying if there was an error when trying to connect a personal or basic account.
* Fix: The reconnect link that would display when an account had an error would not redirect to
* Fix: The shortcode setting “showbio” was applying for non-legacy feeds causing confusion when trying to change these settings in the customizer.
* Fix: Added the ability to create the custom database tables if there was an error when first trying to create them.
* Fix: Dismissing dashboard notifications would cause the “Add new feed” button to stop working until the page was refreshed.